kamilė česnavičiūtė
born 1996, Vilnius, Lithuania
currently living in Groningen, Netherlands  

way to contact:

“Kamilė Česnavičiūtė was born in Vilnius, where she was shaped by Waldorf education while gaining strong skills in classical art school. Recently, she developed a more critical attitude towards society and politics. Her series Please Poke the Bear features human-like figures representing all equally, accepting all differences and showing the importance of unity instead of hostility. ‘I preach anti-power. My interests lie in how society is built upon faulty structures, that need to be dismantled and reformed into a better way of living for everyone. Most of the times the system is wrong and not the individual, but yet the individual lets it happen, by being unaware or enabling. Critique on unnecessary functions that create authoritarian hierarchy is an essential part of my work.’⁠”

– Gallery Ron Mandos 2019


2019 group exposition Best of Graduates at Galerie Ron Mandos, Amsterdam 27th July –  31st August 

2019 nominated for Sluijters Prijs for Dutch painting by Martijn Schuppers and Wim Bosch

2019 published thesis I AM ANGRY TOO in online Mister Motley Magazine link

2019 publication of work in Lost Painters 

2019 publication of work in BK-informatie magazine 2019-4

2019 graduated Minerva Art Academy Hanze University

2019 graduation show  (un)firmed by Minerva Art Academy Hanze University

2019 did PR and participated in a 40 people group expo Green Lights with Minerva Art Academy Hanze University

2019 collaborated with R. Kordova on project Limbs for residency in Kunsthuis SYB

2018 helped to organize a multidisciplinary art event ZUR HOLLE with ZUHAUSE

2018 May 26th – 29th with Minerva Art Academy Hanze University group exhibition ORT at ZUHAUSE Groningen along with Radina Kordova, Caoimhe Dalton, Chiara Tammaro, Dianne Sarah and Zjuul Wiersema

2018 3rd year expo by Minerva Art Academy Hanze Universityries

2018 group expo What’s past is prologue  in Corridor space and Koepel zaal supervised by Noor Nuyten with Minerva Art Academy Hanze University

2017 collaborated on a photograph series Genesis with R. Kordova at cafe-bistro Kult

2016 group expo in Appingedam supervised by Alie van Altena with Minerva Art Academy Hanze University