kamilė česnavičiūtė
born in Vilnius, Lithuania, 1996
currently living and working in Groningen, Netherlands


Kamilė Česnavičiūtė is an artist who mostly paints. She creates bright colored figurative paintings. Her focus is on humans, their social life and action, causes and consequences. Sometimes compositions are created only from a gut feeling, other times from a more focused thought. She is interested in dissimilar depictions of humans and their environments to achieve another layer of narrative. The figures in the Kamilės paintings are generalized humans to fill in whatever situation needed for the idea at large. The use of color is an important way to show homogeneity and dissimilarity.

*all works are for sale, any and all business is discussed via email info@kamilecesna.com . You can ask for a specific price of a work, order a commissioned work. Feel free to ask any additional questions.*